The Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to Project Ares.
This project provides free gaming experience for one of the best, if not the best expansion of WoW.

  • Where to begin?

1. You need the game client. TBC version 2.4.3. You can download it via this torrent

2. You need an account. You can register account via our account manager Account that you create is shared for all expansions hosted by our main project

3. In order to log-in ingame you need to edit file in the game folder. Edit the content of the file to only one of these realmlists:


Your file should look like this:

All 3 of these realmlists will connect you to the same realm, but via different route, so you may experience lower latency when using one of them over the other. Which of these is best for you depends on your location.

  • Logging in

1. After all these steps you will be able to log-in to the game using the gaming account, which you have registered via our account manager

2. You will be greeted by a character creation menu.

3. You can choose from 2 factions. Alliance or Horde. Currently Alliance has increased leveling rate by 50% over horde, because of faction balance.

  • In-game

1. With your new character you may choose from 2 options. First is to level up from 1 to 70. Second one is to choose instant 60. We offer instant 60, because it enables newcomers to jump straight into TBC content beyond Dark Portal, which is the main focus of this project, but leveling up from 1 is also attractive to many players.

2. You may join the world chat, where you can interact with thousands of other players that spend their time on our project. Just type /join world

3. Goal of this game above all else is to have fun. How you spend your time on our realm is totally up to you. We do not promote and are against “your fun is wrong” attitude, so enjoy your time in-game and if in need of an assistance contact us in-game via ticket system or on our Discord, IRC, Facebook

  • How do we operate and who are we?

This project, Ares is part of a larger main project TwinStar that provides free gaming experience of several expansions for almost 9 years now. Our hardware, network and development capabilities are always evolving and getting better and we do not stagnate for even a short amount of time. This became possible thanks to you, the players who play on our realms and who support us via donations.

As a project we offer visual benefits such as mounts, mini non-combat pets and tabards that you can purchase via our currency(stars) as a thanks
for your financial support. Our project will never provide any advantage in-game over other players based on favours or donation. We are on the private scene for some time and we intend to be here in the future as well so we have always been and are against corruption on any level.

Ares admin: Aelin
Ares head developer: Esso
Twinstar owner: Jeniczek