Realm info

Game client: 2.4.3
In-game content: 2.0.12 – progress through patches in order to provide challenge. More info: How it looks in-game and Item Patch Progression
Leveling: From 1 or Instant 60 feature
XP rate: Horde 1x, Alliance 1.5x
All other rates: 1x
Instance id reset: Tuesday 8 a.m. server time(UTC+1)
Arena point flush: Tuesday 8 a.m server time(UTC+1)
Season 1 length:

Ares is a TBC private project, branch of TwinStar.
Development of this TBC project began in the last quarter of 2012 and will continue with the upmost dedication in the future.
Our main focus is to offer you the best quality possible over the course of our existence.

Besides the actual content of our realm, we offer you other elements in the overall experience with us:

  • massive technical background
  • extensive oversight over the realms as part of a bigger project to avoid corruption that is present in private scene
  • websites, forum,  account manager and features like Twinhead and Armory are being constantly improved

You can follow Ares on this website as well as here: