Internet Relay Chat

IRC is a way of communication with the Ares team as well as with other players. This is where you can contact us immediately and also be in touch with other players if you are interested in discussion or even creating groups for our current Test Realm

IRC Server: Port: 6697 (SSL)

ares(type /join #ares)

If you are not familiar with IRC follow these steps.

The most widely used applications with which you can connect are IceChat and KVIrc. These clients are independent applications with a number of options

How to setup IRC and connect to our channel:
After installation you have to choose the server Port: 6697 (SSL). If it is missing on the list it is necessary to type it in along with the nickname you will be using. After you get connected to the network you simply type /join #ares

However, if you are interested in having a registered NickName you can follow these steps
You can also use the AutoJoin feature which will connect you to the channel after you start the application. This can be done by choosing
the option “edit server” and modifying “AutoJoin list” accordingly. In some IRC clients it is necessary to tick options like “Enable AutoJoin Delay”
and “Enable AutoJoin List”.


Use HighLight(HL) when trying to get attention of someone. This means that you need to type the whole NickName of the person you are trying to talk to.