How it looks in-game

Custom in-game changes:
    •  You have the choice to choose instant level 60
    • Craftable items with cooldown are restricted to level 70.(shadowcloth, primal might…)
    • If you level up from 1 to 70 without choosing instant, you will receive after reaching level 70 Spectral tiger mount
    • Re-talent cost capped at 5 gold
    • Alliance has 1.5 xp rate
Pre-2.1.0. in-game changes:

List of unobtainable items can be viewed here:

  • List of closed raids and dungeons:

Black Temple
Battle for Mount Hyjal
Sunwell Plateau
Magisters’ Terrace

  • List of non-interactive zones:

Isle of Quel’Danas

  • Changes to items and rewards:

Badges of Justice obtainable only in heroic dungeons
Badge of Justice rewards limited
Primal Nether and Nether Vortex are soulbound after looting
Netherwing drakes unavailable
Swift flying form unavailable->Anzu drop and mount unobtainable
Profession recipes learned from scrolls and trainers limited by patches. Only includes recipes above skill 300

  • Overall PvE changes:

Revered reputation required for Heroic Dungeon keys
Epic gems from 5-man dungeons are unique
Number of tokens per token-boss limited to 1
Astromancer Solarian in a pre-2.1.0. state with an Arcane Resist oriented fight
To enter Karazhan everyone will be required to have a The Master’s Key
To enter The Eye everyone will be required to have The Tempest Key
To enter Serpentshrine Cavern everyone will be required to have pre-quest completed “The Cudgel of Kar’desh”
Items from Doomwalker and Doom Lord Kazzak are soulbound after looting

  • PvP:

Alterac Valley closed and will be released later
Season 1 started 12.11.2017, Arena point flush every Tuesday at 8:00 a.m.

Honor points:
High Warlord’s gear set for the Horde
Grand Marshal’s gear set for the Alliance
Non-set early honor items(weapons, wrist, waist, feet, back, ring, neck, trinkets)

Arena points:
Gladiator’s Battle-gear
Gladiator’s weapons
Season 1 length will depend on the speed of PvE progress.
Minimum duration: 9 weeks
Maximum duration: 14 weeks

At the end of the Season 1 top teams will receive Gladiator mount and Title.