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Joined factions and Hyjal Summit

Dear community.

This week will bring couple of changes:

Tusday 06.03.2018

  • Karazhan bosses will drop Badge of Justice
  • Blue PvP battlegear will be available to purchase from reputation vendors.
  • Zul’gurub will be opened to let you farm mounts and reputation, thanks to which you will be able to purchase for example enchanting oils.
  • Primal Nethers will not be soulbound.
  • Daily Heroic quests will be available in Shattrath City.

Thursday 08.03.2018

Factions will be joined together in order to provide you with a better experience in defeating the PvE content. You will be able to invite the opposite faction to your group, raid and a guild.

Alongside this change we will also increase honor gain by 20%(1.2 value) to countervail the lack of Alterac Valley as the price of honor items cannot be altered and therefore this change should make it a little bit easier for you to farm honor.

Sunday 11.03.2018
Hyjal Summit raid will be released.