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Together we stand!

Dear community.

Hyjal Summit raid will be released next week. Currently we are awaiting few last fixes before it can be opened and exact day will depend on the availability of one of our developers.
Tomorrow we will edit this news as we will have new information available and let you know more.

On the day of the Hyjal Summit update will we also add few more changes into the game.

  • Karazhan bosses will drop Badge of Justice
  • Blue PvP battlegear will be available to purchase from reputation vendors.
  • Zul’gurub will be opened to let you farm mounts and reputation, thanks to which you will be able to purchase for example enchanting oils.
Stronger together

We are currently considering joining the factions. This change would allow both Alliance and Horde players to do the PvE content together.
The process of forming dungeons and raids would be made easier and you could enjoy your stay in the game even more with double the amount of players joining.
This change would also enable you to be together in a guild, send mail between factions, chat between factions and have joined auction house.

We would like to hear your feedback on our discord.