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Here and now

Hello community.

Today we would like to inform you about some changes and another round of team recruitment.

We would also like to invite you to our discord. It is the easiest way to contact us and chat with other players. You can join by clicking on this invitation:

Join the Alliance

Starting this Saturday 28.10.2017 at midnight (server time), Alliance will get 50% more experience from quests, killed NPCs and explore. This means they have 1.5 xp rate. All other rates are staying the same as they are – on 1x. This additional xp will stay at least for a few weeks. You do not have to type anything ingame and this boost is received automatically. Boost is unrelated to ingame command .xp 1.

Some of you have also contacted us about long queue times as a horde player. The reason for this long wait is that at certain threshold the % of faction balance queue changes and a lot of Alliance players have to log in before it lets a horde player from a queue in.

Alliance does not have to wait in queue, so you can log in as Alliance without waiting.
However, you need a new account to create Alliance if you already have a horde character on your account as accounts are faction restricted. New account can be registered here: account manager.


After addressing all performance concerns in the first days, we are now focusing on ingame issues.
We are aware of the major ones and are working on them.
If you find any issue ingame please report it here: bugreport and describe how to reproduce that issue. In case of class issues, describe what is the issue, how it should work and source for your report.

When provided with a report containing these information(how to reproduce and source), we are able to do a lot more in a day. When we are provided with a report that only says that something does not work, in a lot of cases we do not know what do you mean.
If we have to test it first and find the issue, it takes us a lot more time than trying what is described in the report, fixing, retesting and applying it.

GameMaster recruitment

We have also decided to expand the ranks of our GMs. Therefore, if you want to actively take part in our project, do not hesitate and send us your application.

Game Master – requirements

  • Minimum age of 18
  • Being familiar with the server rules
  • Great knowledge of the game
  • Being familiar with what is currently happening on Twinstar (appreciated, not required)
  • Knowledge of current GM commands (appreciated, not required)
  • Self-reliance and desire to learn new things
  • Willingness to help other players
  • Enough free time
  • Willingness to work in team
  • Psychological resilience and ability to deal with players

Each application must contain:

  • Email Subject: “Recruitment – Ares GM”
  • Name
  • Age
  • Which country you are from
  • Previous experience as a GM (what, where, for how long)
  • Short information about yourself (characteristics, qualities, hobbies etc.)
  • Your character’s name and what realm you play on
  • Name of your forum account
  • Why do you want to be a GM on our server
  • Any other information you consider important

Send your applications to the following email address: orix(at)twinstar(dot)cz. Each applicant will be contacted approximately one week after the application was submitted.

The Ares Team