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Disrupting the eternal flow

As weeks go by, many answers from us regarding our content with which we release are scattered across many places, so we have decided to summarize it all into one page on this website.
Some changes are not listed, but they will be added shortly.


In the upcoming future Progress bar should move faster as we have taken in new people into our
development team.

Work on Karazhan and Serpentshrine Cavern is in full speed and just this last week there were
hundreds of changes to NPCs pack placements and patrols as well as other changes to the actual NPCs.
The Eye NPC linking has been fully rewritten.
Astromancer Solarian has been set to the pre-nerf state, but some small alterations are awaiting her.
Numerous dungeon bosses have been significantly improved and full rework of every dungeon is slowly underway and will be advanced further after we finish raids.

In the recent weeks we have also implemented Content Manager, thanks to which switching between contents will be done in matter of seconds. This will speed up the overall process in the future as we progress through the game.


Previously we have stated, that we are keeping many elements as they were past 2.1.0 patch.
After revisiting this idea, we have decided to be more drastic with the pre-nerf changes.
We will still keep some minor things, but we have decided to patch-restrict another batch
which includes profession recipes that were added later.
1-300 recipes that were added after 2.1.0 will remain in-game as they were crucial for leveling up
the professions.
We have also decided to take away Swift flying form as a pre-nerf change as it has big influence on the in-game life, even though we have previously stated that it will remain.

We are for keeping “quality of life” features in-game, but after revising some, we have decided to go further than we thought we would as we want to provide real challenge and situations as they were present many years ago.

Currently we are also toying with an idea of balancing the early content in such a way, that it will negate the improved item stats and spells from the current patch.
Rather than changing the actual stats of hundred things, which were in many cases changed to fix the game, we would increase the health pool of early raids and dungeons by approximately 4% which would just negate the increased stats of items and spells.
This idea is not with the intention of buffing the content in any way, just balancing it.

Release date

We still do not have any precise estimate so we cannot give you a date yet.

Currently we are trying to get this project into a state where it is ready to be released
and we are satisfied with the quality of what we are releasing.
There will always be work to be done and we actually want to release sooner rather than never,
so in the end we may sacrifice some non-essential ingame issues in favor of an earlier release as it is better for the overall future development to have a stable project released.

However, we still have a lot of reports to go through before we reach the point where we are satisfied with the quality and a date can be set on which we are going to be able to deliver.

You can follow us here:

Thank you for your support

The Ares Team