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Seasons in the Abyss

Dear community.

We would like to give you small update as to how we will address PvP seasons. We are not keeping the timeline for the PvP season 1 as it was set by the actual expansion. If it remains as it was
and kept untouched, it would result in many problems for the PvP community.
After considering many options we have decided to shorten the first Season and by how much
will depend on the speed of the PvE progress.

  • Arena Season 1 will start after 2-3 weeks from the release.
  • Arena Season 1 will end 2 weeks after final bosses of Tier 5 instances are defeated by both factions.
  • In case these bosses are defeated sooner or later than we are currently expecting, the minimum duration of the Season will be 9 weeks and the maximum 14 weeks.
  • Items available for Arena Points will be Gladiator equipment and weapons.
  • The end of the first Season will be properly rewarded with a title and a mount for the top teams as it is supposed to be.

Items purchasable with Honor Points are going to be available from the day of the release.
These include basic 70 PvP non-set rewards and High Warlord’s gear set for the Horde
and Grand Marshal’s gear set for the Alliance.
Additional PvP items available for Honor Points will be added at the start of the Arena Season 2.

You can follow us here:

Thank you for your continuous support

The Ares Team