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Hello everyone.

Spring is here and here we are with another update of our latest work over the past few weeks.

Development on Outland continues in a very fast pace, hundreds of changes and implementations made to NPCs, quests and event interactions in all zones. Most of the fixes can be viewed here.
We have also focused on the original TBC version of Thrall and Garrosh interaction in Nagrand, which should make this zone feel even more special.
We will do a short preview of this event after retests are finished.


We have finished our internal tests in dungeons as well as completed redesigns of NPC packs, patrols and linking in all dungeons.
These tests consisted of checking everything from basic things like damage, attack speed, immunities and resistances to a more specific behaviour of spells like targeting, damage, cooldown and proper
mechanic of the spell.
Issues that were found in dungeons are yet to be addressed, but we are moving through them very quickly.

During testing and while going though retail version of dungeons, we have decided not to implement some things as they were on retail, such as consequences of Medivh dying in the Black Morass
dungeon after killing a boss.
Anytime Medivh died on retail you had to begin from the first wave and instead of bosses, which you have already killed you fought their copies without a loot.
This seemed very punishing and really unnecessary to us and we have decided against implementing such a thing . We will keep the function as it is in Hyjal.
After wiping, players will continue from the first portal after the defeated boss.
So if you currently wipe on 10th wave, you will resume this event from 7th wave.
The same applies if you wipe later for example on 17th wave or 18th wave on the last boss.
You will resume your progress from 13th wave.

NPC interactions

We would like to present you with a short preview of a few visual events recreated in the game
as we continue to focus heavily on adding these aspects to the game.
Most of them are there as a part of a story or quests, but some are there just for the pure visual feel. These consist of NPCs interacting with each other via texts, emotes, spells and environment.
We have already finished a majority of these interactions and the ones that are left to do are mostly those on which we are missing some important information or sources and those
that are part of quests, which are yet to be addressed in the near future.

Kronos characters

We would like to clarify few things.

We are not going to transfer Kronos characters to this realm, which is going to be released this year.
We want a clean and fresh realm without any outside boost and progressed characters.
There will be a TBC realm in the future, where characters from Kronos will be able to continue.
However, that is up to Kronos to announce the details and only current information from them is that TBC will be after Naxxramas is progressed and farmed.
Kronos characters will be transferred to a different fresh new realm, so players from Kronos
can continue without already established and farmed characters from TBC.

Ares Team and Kronos Team are separate teams with different decision making. We of course know each other in the teams, help each other and are friends, but we have our own plans regarding
the realms we are running and we run our realms separately with different administration.
We have access to Kronos core and database and that is one of the reasons why we are focusing solely on TBC, because once we release and prepare content for patch progression, we will copy Azeroth
from Kronos, which will still take us some time as we will have to go through it manually, but over time more and more of our Azeroth content on Ares will get properly implemented.

Thank you for your support

You can follow us here:

The Ares Team