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The way of the road

Dear community

As the cold months descends upon us, we bring you information about our progress.

Attack power is now correctly implemented to NPCs. Change of attack power will now properly
increase or decrease damage dealt by the affected npc.

Medivh’s Tower

Karazhan has been our main focus this past month.

Servants’ Quarters event to spawn rare mini bosses now fully functional and no more hard spawns present.

Every single trash mob and boss has been revisited and tested. A majority of them fixed,
but some of them are still awaiting some changes.
These fixes include basic things such as damage and immunity, but also proper ai for spell targeting.

We have also focused on pack placements and patrols in the same way as in The Eye
and Serpentshrine Cavern.
No more random and incomplete packs present in raids.
Each pack of NPCs now corresponds with retail TBC numbers and placement.
Pack pulling behavior now works correctly and packs will respawn in case of players wiping if at least one npc evades.

One small example of changed pack placement in Karazhan in the screenshots below.

Previous ballroom Previous ballroom

Current ballroom
Current ballroom
We will apply this same treatment to every TBC dungeon as well. After comparing the proper packs from retail TBC to what is norm on every TBC project, we could not ignore this issue as the correct numbers are significantly different.

Outland zones

One of the reasons why we are doing instant 60 feature is so players can enjoy properly working zones.
We have already made hundreds of fixes to regular Outland NPCs as can be seenĀ here and many more to come.
Big thanks to Chizzum, who has been supplying us with these reports and continues to do so.

Restrictions to profession items

One change, which we have to make alongside the instant 60 feature is restricting profession items with cooldown to level 70 characters.
This change will not affect regular players and is targeted to regulate usage of the instant 60 feature for profession purposes.
This was internally decided months ago, when we have decided to do the instant 60 feature.
After revisiting this idea many times this is the only optimal solution.

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Thanks you for your continuous support

The Ares Team