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Approaching transition

Hello everyone.

Another year is here and so we bring you an update of our latest work as well as a summary of the last year.

These past 2 months we have continued to work mainly on our content and also did some major cleanup in our core. Hundreds of NPCs and dozens of quests have been significantly
improved and fixed. Pack and patrol positioning in another five dungeons have been completely
reworked to a proper state, this leaves only 3 more dungeons to redesign.

Alongside these reworks of dungeons we are testing dungeons as well and making sure
that the functionality will be perfect.
Your experience of our content is the highest priority of this project.

Year 2016

Even though for many 2016 was full of difficulties, for us it went rather well.
We have managed to significantly increase number of our development team and after initial plans
decided to focus on more issues and reworks than we have ever even thought of.

We have decided to go for a prenerf setup in almost everything possible and achievable so the game actually feels as it should.
Nonetheless in some cases we have decided against it as some prenerf situations are not welcomed, but in regards to content difficulty and availability we are doing what is in our power to be precise
and thorough
. We revisit patch notes and old videos from TBC era almost every day and are adjusting our settings accordingly.

Looking for testers

We’re currently looking for one or more people who would go through fixed issues on our bugreport, that require retest ingame.
What does it mean and include?
We need from you to go through “NEED RETEST” reports on our bugreport, mainly the ones that
are regarding Outland NPCs and quests and test these thoroughly.
This includes if everything from the report is fixed and if there are no unintended side effects
or something missing in the original report. Our developers are testing these things on their own,
but input from another person who would test it thoroughly is important for us.

If you are interested, feel free to test these things on your own with the current available commands for regular accounts.
In case you have any questions feel free to contact Aelin on IRC, Discord or via Facebook message
or if you are interested in account with a broader command list contact him as well.

Necessary visuals versus unnecessary visuals

With our decision to address more and more issues we have come to a point where we need to sacrifice some visual aspects in dungeons and in the world in favor of an actual release date. There are so many things we want to do, but we have come to the conclusion, that we actually cannot do everything as we would never release because of it.

One small example of this is from Old Hillsbrad Foothills where we would really like having kids running around in Southshore playing around and killing rat after which Kel’Thuzad comes and shows his not really good necromancy to his apprentice. We may get to this in the future, but for now we have decided that it is not really worth for us and for the community to delay our release because of many things like that.

Our current plan consist of perfecting the content, so we can avoid tank and spank or easy situations that were not intended this way in the game and move onto final stage to prepare the actual game for release.

Preparations for a launch

Even though we are not ready to release any estimated launch date as there are still many things
to address
, we have some additional information regarding our launch that does not include a date.
Thanks to being part of a larger project we have secured additional development assistance once we get to the launch.
Launches are always difficult for projects in a private scene and even though we’re doing what we can, no one can fully prepare for them.
However, we will receive a massive additional assistance once we release that will be dealing with
stability, performance and release issues alongside our current development team.

Facebook moderation change

The person who was in charge of posting on our Facebook is no longer in the team and the competition that took place there over a month ago is now canceled.
From now on we will post some small updates on our Facebook and Reddit consisting mostly
of our development progress and changes made in the past.

Thank you all for your continuous support for our project

You can follow Ares here:

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