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Arena Season 1

Hello community.

Enough of you are reaching the level 70 threshold so it is time to begin arena season.

Season 1 will begin next Sunday 12.11.2017. Precise time will be announced during the day, but it will be in the evening.
Arena point flush will be on Tuesday 8:00 am server time.
Length of Season 1 will depend on the speed of PvE progress as described here:

In today’s news we would also like to clarify few things about donate.

Our project will never sell anything that will give you advantage in-game over other players.
We have donate system set up here: donate help and you can choose only from vanity items that can be browsed here: shop list.
We will be adding more things into the donate shop, such mounts, tabards and non-combat pets, but never anything advantageous.

This of course includes gold, that will never be sold by us, but sadly there are groups that do that.
These groups are people who abuse, hack, bot and cheat in-game in order to get gold to sell to you. This behavior massively hurts this project. We are able to catch them and punish them, but this means that instead of helping you and having faster response to your questions we have to mainly deal with them.
So we would like to ask of you, not to encourage such behavior on this project by buying from these groups.
We have prepared several ways to deal with these groups, but in the end, they can only be removed by you, the community, if you do not strengthen them by buying from them. Additionally, we do not tolerate gold buying and accounts that do this are permanently banned.

For the latest info you can join our discord

You can also follow Ares here:

The Ares Team