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Crossing over

Hello everyone.

Today we want to update you on our progress over the past six weeks and some plans we have for the future.

Outland Zones

We have mainly focused on Shadowmoon Valley and Netherstorm, where we have implemented
numerous visual events and fixed over 100 issues with NPCs and quests.

Currently we are looking for people who would retest issues on our bugreport and provide us with feedback if it is fixed or if there are still some issues that were not reported and therefore not fixed.
List of issues with retest status can be viewed here.


Same as in Outland zones, we have addressed more than 100 NPCs in dungeons and we are getting closer to finishing them every day.
If everything goes according to plan and we do not get delayed by some unforseen events then we will finish all dungeon issues in June.

After we finish dungeons we still have some raid reports left, but after finishing those we will have our PvE ready for release.
You can check the changes and fixes we have made to over these past weeks here.


Loot in Outland and all TBC dungeons has been remade and corrected.
NPCs now have chance to drop a much wider variety of items and all world drop items are correctly
assigned in loot tables.

We have also created pool system for fish schools in Outland. Now they will spawn properly in different locations in zone instead of having just a flat respawn time.
Ore and herb nodes are already placed in this pool system and fish schools were the last to be placed into this.

Release date

As we are finishing PvE content, we are slowly getting close to announcing release date.
With PvE ready we will focus on PvP until release.

Should we be able to get through the issues which we are currently working on, as well as finish
dungeon reports in the next month; we will announce a release date around the beginning of July.

Thank you for your support

You can follow us here:

The Ares Team