Server OFFLiNE

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The end

Dear community.

Twinstar has been around for over ten years. Each project under the Twinstar umbrella are independent entities, meaning we’re each our own individual projects despite being part of the Twinstar network.

With the glowing successful relaunch of Twinstar’s Kronos project as an international server, our team decided that we wanted to try and expand our reach to more players by relaunching Ares as an international server. Since the launch of Ares, we’ve had some great moments and have met many great people within the community. Many of these great people have stuck with us through thick and thin, and for that we can’t give you enough thanks for your support.

When we decided to relaunch Ares and make it an international server, we decided as a team to not simply just relaunch with the same core. We decided to put a lot of time and effort into making improvements led by our lead developer and head of Ares, Esso.
After 18 months since the decision was made, we reopened our gates once again and we reached the anticipated population. In this regard, all seemed well. Unfortunately for you, our community, a few weeks after our launch Esso went on unexpected hiatus and never really returned. Our assistant devs and GM team did their best to make due hoping Esso would return.
Without Esso however, both minor and critical issues piled up and we were not able to recover. Our teams did what they could, but we could not stop the bleeding. All of this has led us to this moment in time where we have to look in the mirror and make a tough choice.

We want to inform our remaining players that at the end of this month Ares will close its doors and turn the lights off. For our remaining player base, we understand the frustration and disappointment that you have all experienced, and even more with the decision to close down. This decision was not an easy choice to make, however it’s a decision we make with a heavy heart.
Our goal has always been to provide the best experience possible to all players, and to provide Twinstar with a quality project. We’re sorry that we were not able to live up to our own expectations in turn both hurting Twinstar’s reputation, and most importantly our player base.

To all who have joined us along this journey, we once again would like to give you our best. We tried hard for you, we’re really sorry that it didn’t work out. Do not let the failure of our project lend bias to Twinstar or any other servers on their network. Our failure is our own.
This does not mean this will be the end of Burning Crusade in the Twinstar network. The Kronos team are in the process of building a brand new Burning Crusade server on top of their vanilla core, so players will be able to have both a high quality vanilla and burning crusade experience inside of Kronos TBC. There is no release date for this project, however we suggest you follow Kronos to keep up to date with Kronos TBC.