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The sweep

Dear community.

Another month is here and it is time to bring you all up to speed with what has been our focus these past few weeks.

Outland zones

Our work on Outlands is going exceptionally well and at a very fast pace.

Blade’s Edge Mountain zone has been completely redesigned.
Excluding the obvious improvements to the functionality of NPCs and quests in this wasteland, we have focused a lot on the visual aspects of this zone.
Thousands upon thousands waypoints added to NPCs of this zone as well as correcting
and implementing visual events.

Other than focusing a lot on this particular zone, we have made the same kind and amount of changes in other Outland zones. You can check the list of changes, even though incomplete here.
Changelog does not contain all changes and fixes we make, but most of the regular resolved issues that have report created in our bugreport are listed there.

Core changes and improvements

We are proud to announce another big cleanup and rework in our core.

Over the course of the last few weeks we have managed to scrape a lot of corners in our core,
do a major cleanup and put a lot of stuff under one roof.
This rework will help us to solve a lot of issues connected to proper calculations, where
the calculations should occur and how.
Thanks to this, we are going to be able to solve a lot major issues as well as some minor issues without using workarounds.

We have already fixed some issues as a result of this improvement, such as:

  • calculation for damage of sweeping strikes and blade flurry, now the second target will be properly hit by a clean damage of the actual attack rather than adjusted by different modifiers incorrectly
  • rage generation revisited, adjusted and special attacks will now properly refund rage in case of a dodge and a parry
  • health funnel heal will now be properly affected solely by spell damage and not a mix with a healing bonus
  • this rework also affects fixing of NPC abilities, for example in Karazhan with Ethereal Spellfilcher,
    where a player affected by a debuff from him will now correctly transfer healing from him onto the NPC

These issues would be somewhat solve-able even before this core rework,
but now we’re able to fix issues like that with a relative ease and most of all cleanly.


All but one dungeon have had their patrols, packs and linking finished in the last month.
With these redesigns almost finished, we are now focusing on fixing and tuning dungeons to a state they should be in as well as adding proper scripted events into these dungeons, most of which
are already complete.

Testing of dungeons is going particularly well, every single NPC is getting tested separately
and reported if any issue is present in order to make sure that everything will be as difficult as it should be.

Karazhan Servants’ Quarters event

Today we would also like to present you with a short preview of our Servants’ Quarters event in Karazhan.
Functionality of this event is now working properly as it should, but with one small adjustment from us to make it more noticeable when this event gets completed.

Over the course of the upcoming weeks, we will post similar previews of dungeon events including Murmur’s room> and Naturalist Bite event and completely redesigned parts of Outland zones.

How can you help us with our progress?

Currently we need a list of every NPC in Outland zones with a video that will clearly show
melee damage dealt by that NPC from TBC era, in a case where video from that era is not available, later expansion will do fine as well.

We have something similar done for dungeons and raids with a lot more sources, but for regular quest NPCs we only need and require one video like that.
We have already adjusted melee damage of Outland NPCs a lot in the past, but we want to completely revisit every single NPC in this subject as well.
List of Outland quests or NPCs can be found in our database or on a sites like wowwiki or wowhead and videos can be found via several sites mainly on Youtube.
You can find videos of NPCs by simply searching quest for which that NPC is required.
You can post this list on our bugreport just with a link to that particular NPC and link of video on which it can be found.

If you have more questions feel free to get in touch with us via Discord, IRC or Forum by contacting Aelin.

You can follow us here:

Thanks you for your continuous support

The Ares Team